The winter of 1999 is again like 1998 very mild, but the first new species for the Netherlands already appeared early, since a Pygmy Cormorant was found at Montfoort, Utrecht on January 23rd-24th.
Faithfull viewers will have noticed nothing new is added to my homepage between January 24th 1999 and July 16th 2000. I was birding all the time, but 1999 did not produce any more new species. When both the Heuglin´s Gull of Groningen and the Elegant Tern of Wassenaar appeared in June 1999, I was in Argentina watching Rufous-throated Dippers and Strange-tailed Tyrants - to name a few.
Leo Heemskerk, Jan van der Laan, Roy de Haas and Wil Leurs celebrating their new big day record of 179 species on May 15th 1999; © Leo Heemskerk.

Pygmy Cormorant

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