The year 2002 was also a slow starter, like in 2001. There were several nice species to see, but no new species for me till November. I missed the Lammergeier Gypeatus barbatus of Texel in June, because I had to take the plane that very morning for a two-weeks holiday with girlfriend and daughter to the Seychelles. In that period I also missed the probable Elegant Tern Sterna elegans at Wassenaar. In the summer several waders and a Turkestan Shrike Lanius phoenicuroides made the summer bearable, but the autumn with non-twitchables like Lanceolated Warbler Locustella lanceolata and Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler L certhiola and finally, the Great Miss of the Yellow-billed Cuckoo Coccyzus americanus on Texel in October was an all-time low for everybody. Finally an Alpine Swift Tachymarptis melba saved the year for me!

Myself with a Seychelles Magpie-Robin Copsychus sechellarum on Cousin, Seychelles, 13th June 2002
(photo by one of the wardens of Cousin Island, whom I asked to take this picture).

Alpine Swift

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