Citrine Wagtail - Motacilla citreola

On Tuesday 4 May April 1993 Peter de Vries was birding near Wilp Gld, south of Deventer, along the shores of the river IJssel. Around 19:45 hours, he discovered between tens of Blue-headed Wagtails Motacilla flava and Grey-headed Wagtails M thunbergii another wagtail with a yellow head. After a short check he realised it was a male Citrine Wagtail M citreola! He warned other birders and after returning to the location around 20:40 hours, the bird disappeared in the reeds at around 21:00 hours. Next day, however, the birds was found again at 7:40 hours and till late in the evening this male could be observed by everyone (including me) who visited it. (cf Dutch Birding 15 (3): 143-144, 1993, DB 17 (2): 66-68, 1995)

5 May 1993, Wilp Gld; © Rudi Offereins.

5 May 1993, Wilp Gld; © Arnoud van den Berg.

At that time it was the third record for the Netherlands. Till 2000 there were 12 records, concerning 12 individuals (cf van den Berg & Bosman 2001: 239-240).

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