Daurian Jackdaw - Corvus dauuricus

Perhaps the most shocking discovery of 1995 was the Daurian Jackdaw Corvus dauuricus) at Katwijk aan Zee (Zuid-Holland) by Arnold Meijer on May 4th 1995. On that day there was also a Daurian Shrike Lanius isabellinus on Texel (Noord-Holland), so a few birders saw both, others only saw the Jackdaw or the Shrike (I only saw the Jackdaw). The next day the Jackdaw was still there, but a Laughing Gull Larus atricilla flew by in the early morning!

4 May 1995, Katwijk aan Zee ZH; © Jan van der Laan. Photographed with 50 mm lens through my telescope.

5 May 1995, Katwijk aan Zee ZH; © Marc Guijt/Agami.

5 May 1995, Katwijk aan Zee ZH; © René van Rossum.

The Daurian Jackdaw stayed at Katwijk aan Zee till May 6th, then it moved to Den Haag (Zuid-Holland), where it stayed from May 13th till May 15th. Later it became known the Jackdaw was already seen at Hargen (Noord-Holland) on May 1st (cf Dutch Birding 17: 130 & 132, 1995 and Dutch Birding 18: 226-231, 1996). It was the first record for the Netherlands and only the third for Europe!

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