Isabelline Wheatear - Oenanthe isabellina

On Monday 21 October 1996 Jan Maas and Wouter Dijksman discovered a wheatear on the Maasvlakte (west of Rotterdam), which they believed could be an Isabelline Wheatear Oenanthe isabellina. They had it right: it was actually the first record of Isabelline Wheatear for the Netherlands. The bird stayed till at least November 8th and showed itself very well. I saw it on the second day on Tuesday 22 October and on Saturday 26 October, after twitching the Blyth's Pipit.
One could sit quietly with the bird approaching till at least 10 meters. The white underwing was very conspicuous as well as its upright stance, long legs, short tail etc.

22 October 1996, Maasvlakte, Rotterdam ZH; © Arnoud van den Berg.
23 October 1996, Maasvlakte, Rotterdam ZH; © René Pop.

This was the third new species for the Netherlands in 1996. The first was the Needle-tailed Swift at Veere on May 22nd. The second the Myrtle Warbler on Vlieland between October 13th and October 15th (cf Dutch Birding 18: 281-282 and 284, 1996).

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