Red-eyed Vireo - Vireo olivaceus

On Thursday October 3rd 1996 Peter de Knijff and Mariëtte Hoffer were birdwatching on the island Vlieland (province Friesland). The story goes Mariëtte suddenly said: "I've seen this bird in the USA", which was correct, since it was a Red-eyed Vireo Vireo olivaceus, the fifth record for the Netherlands! They lost the bird in the afternoon, but next day it was found back by some 30 birders present on the island. On Saturday the whole twitching scene arrived and had very good looks of this North American passerine. It stayed till at least Tuesday the 8th.

5 October 1996, Lange Paal, Vlieland Fr; © Hans Gebuis.

5 October 1996, Lange Paal, Vlieland Fr; © Marc Guyt/Agami.

This was the fifth record for the Netherlands. Other records included October 13th 1985, Wormerveer; October 19th 1985 Rottumerplaat; September 24th 1991 Vlieland; October 2nd 1991 Vlieland (cf Dutch Birding 8: 121-125, 1986, Dutch Birding 15: 155, 1993 and Dutch Birding 18: 277 and 280, 1996).

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