Pine Bunting - Emberiza leucocephalos

On Thursday October 20th 1994 Jan Mulder discovered a Pine Bunting Emberiza leucocephalos near the Zuidpier at IJmuiden (Noord-Holland). It disappeared and was found back on Saturday 22nd 1994 a few 100 meters from the original spot on a camping. Within minutes large groups of birders arrived, some even causing serious trouble with the camping-owner, who was only curious what was happening. It stayed till Monday October 24th 1994, when I saw it in the early morning (I had family obligations!). The bird was ringed, but until now, it is not known by whom, where and when.

22 October 1994, IJmuiden NH; © Arnoud van den Berg

22 October 1994, IJmuiden NH; © René van Rossum.

This was the 21st record for the Netherlands. There was a small influx that autumn, with (so far) 3 records accepted (cf Dutch Birding 18: 117, 1996). Most records occur at the end of October and the beginning of November.

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