Rustic Bunting - Emberiza rustica

On Thursday 27 September 1990 Jaco Walhout and Erik Sanders found a Rustic Bunting Emberiza rustica at Westkapelle Zld. They warned other birders and the news was quickly spread. The bird stayed till 2 October and was seen by many birders, since it was the first twitchable Rustic Bunting in the Netherlands. I saw it on Saturday 29 September and it was the first time I saw this bunting in the Netherlands after dipping on four birds in 1980 on Ameland Fr and one in 1984 on Terschelling Fr.

28 September 1990, Westkapelle Zld; © René van Rossum.

28 September 1990, Westkapelle Zld; © Arnoud van den Berg.

It was accepted as the 30th record for the Netherlands. On the same day a bird was found at Den Haag ZH and another on Terschelling Fr.

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