1990 started with a bang when a first-winter Ivory Gull Pagophila eburnea was reported at Stellendam ZH between 9 and 19 February. The rest of the year was quite average in terms of twitchable species, but new species for the Netherlands were a Blyth's Reed Warbler Acrocephalus dumetorum, on 26 June in Flevoland and a Two-barred Warbler Phylloscopus plumbeitarsus on 17 September at Castricum NH, but both were trapped and only seen by the people of the ringing station. In spring I finally saw my first acceptable Red-throated Pipit Anthus cervinus. August gave every birder the opportunity to actually see a Little Crake Porzana parva as a young bird was seen quite well for a few days in the Eemshaven Gr. In September at least three Rustic Buntings Emberiza rustica were seen in different parts of the country. The highlight in September was a small influx of Storm Petrels Hydrobates pelagicus in a few days along the Dutch coast. this is quite a rare species in the Netherlands and for me it was the first time I could see them. October saw another invasion of Parrot Crosbills Loxia pytyopsittacus.In November a phylloscopus warbler was first identified as a Radde's Warbler P schwarzi, but the photographs revealed it was actually a Dusky Warbler P fuscatus.
I visited two countries that year, between two weeks in December 1989 and January 1990 in Morocco for the last Slender-billed Curlews Numenius tenuirostris and in March 1990 I went two weeks to Israel.
12 February 1990, crowd at the Ivory Gull, Stellendam ZH; © Arnoud van den Berg.

Ivory Gull
Red-throated Pipit
Storm Petrel
Rustic Bunting
Dusky Warbler

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