Rock Thrush - Monticola saxatilis

On Thursday May 12th 1994 Sander Lagerveld, Raymond & Wim van Splunder were trying to break their Big-day record of 1993 (164 species). At 11:30 AM they arrived at their Black Redstart-spot at Noordburen (Noord-Holland). The Black Redstart was present, but also a larger individual. This bird proved to be female Rock Thrush Monticola saxatilis! They warned other birders with the pager-system, but because they mis-interpret the map, it was only after two hours the first birders appeared (leaving the bird after a discovery without waiting for other birders to arrive does not make you popular). The long wait caused them to fail to break their record. I saw this bird the same evening and the next day, when we broke the big-day record with one species more to 165. Next day we lost that record again, because another team saw 166 species on May 14th! The Rock Thrush was however not on their list, since the bird was gone that day (cf Dutch Birding 17: 113-117, 1995).
12 May 1994, Noordburen NH; © Eric Koops.
13 May 1994, Noordburen NH; © René van Rossum.

This was the second record for the Netherlands. The first was a male at Borgercompagnie (Groningen) from April 22nd-23rd 1951 (cf Natura 48: 103, 1951)

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