Red-throated Pipit - Anthus cervinus

Red-throated Pipits Anthus cervinus were notoriously difficult to twitch. Most sightings in the Netherlands were of fly-overs found by their obvious calls. To have one countable on your list was another matter. I had at least three fly-overs in the eighties, but none of them I couldn't count according to Dutch Listing Rules. When Laurens Steijn and Leo Heemskerk had a bird in the Eemshaven on 6 May 1990 feeding in a little marsh west of the Eemshaven Power Plant, I hurried to get there in time. Oscar Endtz and I counted a maximum of four birds on 7 May and had good close sightings of one bird at close range. The Dutch Rarity Committee (CDNA) decided to accept two birds: the bird photographed by Leo Heemskerk on 6 May and the in detail described bird by Oscar and me.

Note the red throat and de striped mantle and rump; 6 May 1990, Eemshaven Gr; © Leo Heemskerk.

At that time it was the 52th record for the Netherlands and from 1991 it was not considered by the CDNA anymore.

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